Exclusive: Goldman Sachs CEO doesn’t see a looming economic crisis – CNN

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs CEO doesn’t see a looming economic crisis – CNN

New York (CNN Business)To Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, the current economic environment doesn’t feel like the pre-crisis days of August 2007. But he identifies at least one thing that could cause the economy to go off track: The trade war. “I don’t think we’re at a moment where there is an impending economic crisis,”…

Original York (CNN Alternate)To Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, the contemporary financial ambiance doesn’t unquestionably feel esteem the pre-disaster days of August 2007. But he identifies at the least one thing that would location off the economy to head off beam: The replace battle.

“I make no longer mediate we’re at a second the attach there’s an impending financial disaster,” Solomon suggested CNN Alternate’ Christine Romans for the length of an recent interview at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Little Companies graduation at the Iowa Sigh Pleasing. “But watch, issues may maybe most likely swap.”
Solomon acknowledged the trajectory of The United States’s economy is “slowing a little bit” and that the deepening US-China replace battle has the aptitude to location off complications.
“The underlying economy is still doing k. The likelihood of a recession in the come length of time is still reasonably low,” the Goldman Sachs (GS) boss said. “But we now should always interrogate what goes on on with tariffs.”

Recession jitters

Others have expressed more be troubled, in particular as global markets skilled turbulence final week because of fears about the replace battle.
“We may maybe most likely simply successfully be at the most unpleasant financial second because the 2009 Financial Crisis,” feeble US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who was appointed to that post by feeble President Bill Clinton, said final week on Twitter.
JPMorgan Trudge economist Joseph Lupton warned final week that the chance of a US recession over the next twelve months has climbed to 40%.
Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach sees a 75% likelihood of a recession sooner than the 2020 presidential election. He suggested Yahoo Finance final week that the US Treasury yield curve, the gap between brief-length of time and lengthy-length of time bond yields, looks to be “a lot esteem 2007.”
But the Goldman Sachs CEO downplayed comparisons with a dozen years in the past.
“I make no longer look that,” he said. “There is a tendency to computer screen at issues through the rearview replicate.”
The following recession, Solomon said, will be “very diverse.”

Alternate battle fallout

Nervous merchants all over the field piled into ultra-protected executive debt final week as replace tensions between the USA and China climbed.
The Trump administration has vowed to impose a 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese items by September 1. Some economists have warned that rising replace tensions may maybe most likely injure the economy by making households and companies too fearful to use cash.
“In the intervening time, I mediate the exact affect of tariffs has been exiguous, but you’ll should always interrogate that conscientiously,” Solomon said. “Those are the more or much less issues that may maybe most likely swap self belief. And self belief can leisurely down financial process.”
The Goldman Sachs boss defended the Trump administration’s desire to rebalance the replace relationship with China.
“I’m no longer keen on tariffs, but we now should always score a fashion to push,” Solomon said.
Solomon also pushed merit against feedback made by Peter Navarro, a senior replace adviser at the White Dwelling. Navarro no longer too lengthy in the past said that Goldman Sachs had outsourced jobs and despatched factories in a foreign country.
“I saw that. Love a handful of diverse issues I’ve viewed him order the final couple of days, I make no longer unquestionably realize what he’s speaking about,” Solomon said.
He pointed out that Goldman Sachs is working to lend a hand the exact economy, including through programs esteem 10,000 Little Companies. The initiative targets to lend a hand entrepreneurs by bettering score entry to to education, capital and diverse products and services.

Is the Fed following Wall Boulevard?

Solomon weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Federal Reserve, which has been many times attacked by President Donald Trump over hobby rates.
“It be very, well-known that we now have an neutral Fed,” Solomon said, echoing feedback made final week by the four living feeble Fed chiefs.
On Friday, Trump argued the Fed has “handcuffed” the US economy. He called for the central bank to slash hobby rates by a full percentage point — an outrageous hotfoot on the overall reserved for emergencies.
Solomon said that the field has “gotten extinct to the very, very main easy cash” financial coverage that was extinct to war the global financial disaster.
But he worries that the Fed is paying an excessive amount of attention to the noise.
“Monetary coverage, to me, looks somewhat bit more linked to markets for the time being. And also politics,” Solomon said. “I make no longer mediate that is healthy.”

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