Tesla loses its head of production at critical time, source says – Electrek

Tesla loses its head of production at critical time, source says – Electrek

Tesla’s head of production in charge of all vehicle manufacturing at Fremont factory, Peter Hochholdinger, is not at the automaker anymore, according to a source familiar with the matter. It was a big deal when Tesla hired Hochholdinger. He was coming from Audi where he was in charge of the production the Audi A4, A5…

Tesla’s head of manufacturing to blame of all car manufacturing at Fremont factory, Peter Hochholdinger, isn’t any longer on the automaker anymore, in accordance with a supply accustomed to the matter.

It used to be a immense deal when Tesla employed Hochholdinger.

He used to be coming from Audi the put he used to be to blame of the manufacturing the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 leading to him overseeing extra than 400,000 cars constructed yearly.

When Tesla employed him in 2016, Hochholdinger’s abilities boosted self belief in Tesla bringing Model 3 to manufacturing in excessive volume and the firm despatched out a assertion to publicize the fresh rent.

On his LinkedIn profile, he describes his space at Tesla:

“Peter is Tesla’s Vice President of Production and accountable for the auto plant and seat factory in Fremont, CA, the castings jam in Lathrop, CA and the Tilburg factory in The Netherlands.”

Now we learn that Hochholdinger isn’t any longer at Tesla anymore.

A supply accustomed to the matter tipped Electrek regarding the executive no longer being on the automaker anymore and we confirmed with one more supply that Hochholdinger isn’t any longer in Tesla’s directory from now on.

We contacted Tesla about Hochholdinger leaving and firm representatives didn’t acknowledge to several requests for commentary.

Hochholdinger also didn’t acknowledge to a do a question to for commentary.

Final year, we reported on Tesla hiring Bert Bruggeman, an experienced manufacturing executive from the semiconductor industry, as their fresh ‘Vice-President of Production at Fremont plant’, but it undoubtedly hasn’t been sure what his feature is when it comes to Hochholdinger since Tesla confirmed that he used to be quiet to blame of manufacturing on the time.

The head of manufacturing’s departure comes at a valuable for Tesla’s manufacturing group as the automaker is making an strive to vastly amplify its manufacturing capacity and determine a skill to suit Model Y manufacturing at its very crowded Fremont factory.

Electrek’s Consume

Every other time, Tesla hiring Hochholdinger used to be a immense deal on the time.

He had extra abilities than the general public at Tesla in relation to immense-scale car manufacturing. Handiest Gilbert Passin, who used to be leading manufacturing at Tesla for the reason that acquisition within the Fremont factory, could maybe likely need had extra abilities in car manufacturing on Tesla’s executive group.

Passin left Tesla for Wrightspeed closing year.

While I in most cases shield Tesla on their extremely publicized executive departures, I mediate it’s pleasing to affirm that they had some valuable abilities exodus over the closing year or so and now with Passin and Hochholdinger, it’s very factual for the manufacturing executive group.

Lately, we have seen Tesla promote extra from within the firm. Maybe we will see that for the manufacturing management.

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