Why Fukuoka is Japan’s most innovative city – BBC News

Why Fukuoka is Japan’s most innovative city – BBC News

Sandwiched between the mountains and the sea in Japan’s far-west corner, Fukuoka is a city trying to reinvent itself. In a land long dominated by mega-conglomerates and the inexorable pull of Tokyo, the country’s fastest growing urban centre wants to become Japan’s answer to Silicon Valley.Despite the country’s reputation for hi-tech wizardry, Japan’s start-up scene…

Sandwiched between the mountains and the sea in Japan’s a long way-west corner, Fukuoka is a metropolis seeking to reinvent itself. In a land long dominated by mega-conglomerates and the inexorable pull of Tokyo, the country’s fastest increasing urban centre desires to change into Japan’s reply to Silicon Valley.

No topic the country’s recognition for howdy-tech wizardry, Japan’s initiate-up scene stays surprisingly stunted. The world’s third biggest economic system has easiest one “unicorn” – a private firm valued at over $1bn – as in contrast with the USA’ 127 and China’s 78.

Fukuoka’s charismatic young mayor is determined to alternate that, and he’s happy the metropolis has the components to repeat the success of the US’s west fly innovation hubs. In 2011 he declared Fukuoka would change into Japan’s initiate-up metropolis, and since then it’s risen to the quit of the country’s alternate advent league tables.

Whether or no longer it’ll in actual fact rival the capital stays to be seen as funding and talent continues to listen to in Tokyo, nonetheless the metropolis’s leaders have a convincing pitch. A tight-knit initiate-up community, a young crew and an inexpensive metropolis that guarantees that elusive purpose of a work-lifestyles balance – one thing they hope will allure to a brand original generation of entrepreneurs sharp to lead definite of the Tokyo rat flee.

Almost at the moment after being elected as the metropolis’s youngest ever mayor in 2010, gentle TV presenter Sōichirō Takashima, 44, visited Seattle and turn out to be struck by the similarities to his fatherland. Every are compact coastal cities surrounded by nature, with successfully-developed transport infrastructure and plentiful human belongings, he says. In Seattle these components toughen titans like Amazon and Microsoft, as successfully as a thriving initiate-up ecosystem. Takashima believes Fukuoka can replicate that success and reduction dash the Eastern economic system out of a rut it’s been in for the explanation that early Nineties.

“The presence of initiate-u.s.a.which place original innovation and payment is severe to interrupt economic stagnation,” he says. “With that in ideas, I positioned initiate-up toughen as our metropolis’s growth approach.”

Since then he’s been busy. In 2014 the central authorities granted his request to designate the metropolis as a “nationwide strategic special zone” for initiate-ups, which has allowed them to chop company taxes for designate original businesses and place a special visa for international entrepreneurs. It’s additionally allowed them to relax planning principles to allow them to redevelop the metropolis centre and wireless regulations to place a faster and extra effective licensing job for experiments and technology demonstrations aimed at the Internet of Issues (IoT), which embeds sensors, communication and computing hardware into on a common foundation objects.

Takashima has additionally been aggressively selling the metropolis at dwelling and faraway places, leading alternate delegations and signing cooperation affords with initiate-up hubs like San Francisco, Taipei and Helsinki which present toughen and introductions for Fukuoka initiate-u.s.a.seeking to extend faraway places or international initiate-u.s.a.seeking to enter Japan.

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Assist in Fukuoka, the authorities has renovated an veteran college within the central Tenjin alternate district to place Fukuoka Say Subsequent (FGN), a one-cease shop for budding entrepreneurs which opened in 2017. “Merely build, our mission is to elevate future unicorns,” says Yasunari Tanaka, director-traditional of the FGN secretariat.

Companies comprise discounted office field, a prototyping lab, a initiate-up cafe where consultants present free alternate, just and accounting advice, and the Global Startup Centre to reduction international founders field up in Fukuoka or local entrepreneurs extend faraway places. There’s additionally a bar to lubricate the networking job and an on a common foundation time table of talks, seminars and matching events to link initiate-u.s.a.with possibilities and investors.

While the metropolis’s first unicorn is likely quiet some manner off, there’s been encouraging growth. The preliminary purpose for FGN turn out to be for tenants to elevate 500m yen (£3.37m) by September 2018, nonetheless they smashed that listen on, raising 7.1bn yen (around £50m). Fukuoka additionally has the very best original alternate advent charge (the share of companies newly registered in a 300 and sixty five days) within the country at 7%, successfully above Tokyo’s 4%.

The metropolis has some stable fundamentals in its favour. Japan’s aging inhabitants and haunted crew are inflicting politicians and economists sleepless nights, nonetheless Fukuoka is the fastest increasing metropolis within the country, and has the very best share of young people. Rent is about 60% of that in Tokyo and the metropolis is nearer to Seoul and Shanghai than the capital, leading it to be seen as Japan’s “gateway to Asia”.

That combination is what prompted Fukuoka native Yasuhiro Ide to transfer the headquarters of his e-commerce alternate Unusual World reduction to his fatherland. He’d moved to Tokyo in 2015 looking out for alternate opportunities, nonetheless perfect 300 and sixty five days he decided his purpose of expanding into China would be more straightforward from Fukuoka. “In Fukuoka it is a long way simple to recruit engineers and designers who’re low label and office prices are much less,” he says. “And if I ought to trot to China it’s two hours by plane. From Tokyo it’s four.”

The compactness of the metropolis additionally manner the entrepreneurial community is both tight-knit and diverse, says Hashimoto Masanori, CEO of blueprint firm Nulab and a aged of Fukuoka’s initiate-up scene. That makes group constructing and networking noteworthy more straightforward. “If I trot ingesting I will bump into any individual at a related IT firm,” he says. “In Tokyo I trot to community events and it’s easiest programmers, nonetheless in Fukuoka I trot to those events and I meet programmers, designers, entrepreneurs.”

One other key plank within the authorities’s pitch is the metropolis’s “liveability”. The world airport is a 15 minute metro dart from the centre and commutes are quick, with strolling or biking to work overall. You’re by no manner removed from nature with mountains looming at the metropolis limits and picturesque seashores a snappy power away. “Fukuoka is extra laid reduction,” says Tanaka. “Even as you ought to look for a reliable work-lifestyles balance Fukuoka is a really aesthetic metropolis.”

That turn out to be what drew French entrepreneurs Yasmine Djoudi and Thomas Pouplin to settle within the metropolis.

They first got right here as half of a pupil alternate program and after they decided to launch their initiate-up Ikkai, a web platform for faculty students to search out non permanent work, they chose to cease in Fukuoka other than pass to Tokyo

“The typical of living right here is really good,” says Djoudi, adding that the decrease prices were additionally a valuable boon when starting out. “We did now not feel sorry about it, resulting from we realised that the burn charge is manner decrease. We couldn’t have achieved half of the issues we did in Fukuoka if we went to Tokyo.”

The pair were the first recipients of the metropolis’s initiate-up visa and helped form the software program job. Pouplin admits that language barriers and rigid regulations quiet place Japan a complex build for outsiders nonetheless he says Fukuoka is sooner than the curve in making issues more straightforward for international founders.

The metropolis’s re-branding has generated valuable buzz in both the domestic and international press, nonetheless no topic the definite coverage two key components live in quick offer – talent and funding. There’s restricted enterprise capital on hand in Fukuoka, says Pouplin, so when initiate-u.s.a.develop they generally ought to head to the capital for funding and possibilities. “Fukuoka is a gigantic starting build, nonetheless it is no longer a gigantic increasing build,” he says.

No doubt one of FGN’s most a hit graduates is Skydisc, which makes exhaust of man made intelligence to reduction possibilities boost factory productivity and has been pegged as a “future unicorn” by financial newspaper The Nikkei. In another country approach officer Yoshihiko Suenaga is elephantine of reward for the metropolis authorities’s design and says their time at FGN opened various doorways. “They gave us cheap lease and various opportunities,” he says. “We in actual fact met one of our companions as successfully as one of our gargantuan possibilities at a matching tournament there.”

But he admits they’re easiest staying in Fukuoka resulting from it’s the founder’s fatherland. Their operation is now split between Fukuoka and a Tokyo office that opened three years within the past resulting from most of their possibilities’ headquarters are positioned there. Skill turn out to be additionally a gargantuan driver – while it’s that you simply can imagine to search out competent builders in Fukuoka, extra evolved technical skills are concentrated within the capital. “AI-centered engineers are pretty complicated to search out in locations other than Tokyo,” he says.

In an strive to coax this design of talent to the metropolis the authorities lately declared itself an “engineer-pleasant metropolis” and followed up with recruiting events in Tokyo. But even Fukuoka’s brightest in discovering it no longer easy to face up to the pull of the capital, says Suenaga, who spent 15 years in Tokyo himself. He hails from neighbouring metropolis Kitakyushu and easiest returned resulting from household causes. “After graduating you’ve got no different nonetheless to head to Tokyo,” he says. “That’s the long-established mindset.”

That’s no longer to command perceptions of Fukuoka aren’t changing within the capital. Shun Nagao, who runs the Tokyo office of world enterprise capital firm White Well-known particular person Capital, says within the very best two years there’s been plenty extra buzz across the metropolis thanks largely to the mayor’s efforts. It’s quiet seen as a gorgeous immature ecosystem though, he provides.

“I produce no longer think there is an realizing about what Fukuoka excels in,” he says. He thinks the metropolis must retract out a smarter job of branding, pointing to Kyoto, which has developed a recognition as a hotbed for hardware initiate-u.s.a.by constructing an ecosystem across the arena-class Kyoto College and the metropolis’s gargantuan electronics companies like Kyocera, Omron and Rohm.

One fundamental different for the metropolis, says Nagao, is its proximity to Asia, which may perhaps perhaps perhaps allow it to blueprint talent from faraway places other than going toe-to-toe with Tokyo. But by manner of attracting extra funding, he thinks there can have to be some definite success tales or gargantuan valuations sooner than investors commit severe belongings to the metropolis.

That’s one thing officers in Fukuoka recognise, nonetheless they’re additionally acutely aware that laying the groundwork for that form of success takes time. Their recent target is to place one hundred initiate-u.s.a.price 1 billion yen (£6.8m) within the following 5 years, says Naokatsu Matono, director of the metropolis’s initiate-up department. “To place a unicorn we deem first we desire many initiate-ups,” he provides. “In the future, our purpose is to reduction a form of one hundred companies change proper into a unicorn.”

And the metropolis isn’t resting on its laurels. FGN closed down for a revamp at the cease of March and when it relaunches under original administration in Would possibly perhaps perhaps even this may perhaps perhaps perhaps just group up with a successfully-identified world initiate-up accelerator to mentor and reduction fund a brand original batch of initiate-ups.

The authorities is additionally within the strategy of increasing an heroic original “natty metropolis” – an urban field that makes exhaust of technology like IoT and recordsdata analytics to allow smarter carrier in areas like transport, utilities and authorities – on a 124-acre gentle college campus inner Fukuoka, excellent 2.5 miles (4km) from the centre.

On the total most of these projects cease up on greenfield web sites removed from urban centres or layer technology on top of current infrastructure, says Kouichi Matono, who is leading the venture. This natty metropolis will most likely be recurring resulting from this may perhaps perhaps perhaps very successfully be built from scratch within the coronary heart of the metropolis with the infrastructure and technology developed in unison.

Demolition work has already began, and the authorities plans to accomplice with a consortium of companies to place an initiate source test-bed for evolved technologies like 5G, driverless vehicles and telemedicine. The purpose is to spur the appearance of many original initiate-ups, says Matono, and act as a proving ground to demonstrate the relaxation of the country guidelines on how to make exhaust of technology to resolve Japan’s most urgent complications.

“We are seeking to place a brand original standard of living no longer excellent constructions,” he says. “Japan has various complications. The preference of veteran people is increasing and we have a small initiating charge so we’re going to have complications with labour and healthcare. That’s why we desire to make exhaust of original technology like AI and IoT to resolve these complications.”

Developing the ecosystem of talent, ride and funding required to toughen the form of “dwelling lab” the mayor has beforehand stated he ought to flip Fukuoka into will get time. But the metropolis’s recurring combination of entrepreneurial energy, quality of lifestyles and a supportive authorities makes it as excellent a build as any for these seeking to own a extra liveable future.

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