1350 HP Dodge Viper Drift Car Is Even More Bonkers Than You’d Expect

The world of professional drifting is very competitive and, naturally, very expensive – and can get even more so. After all, drifters push their cars as close to concrete walls as possible and just the slightest mistake can result in significant damage.

However, the ever-present threat of damage didn’t dissuade Formula Drift driver Dean Kearney and his team from turning a not-so-docile car as a Dodge Viper into a drifter which can spin up its rear wheels until the fuel tank runs dry.

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In every iteration, the Viper comes with an absolutely massive V10. Kearney’s team has retained this engine but outfitted it with a pair of turbochargers, custom camshafts, crank, pistons, rods, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Power sits at approximately 1350 hp on 16 pounds of boost, making this perhaps the most powerful professional drift car on earth.

Kearney recently visited the crew from Hoonigan with his crazed drifter and put on a show for the members of Ken Block’s racing team. Kearney took the car onto the pavement and performed some ridiculous drifts. Making the racer’s drifting all the more impressive is the fact that he can easily spin the wheels and send the car sideways in fifth gear. You don’t need a lot of power to get a car sideways but having in excess of 1000 hp means you can do it in gears which would ordinarily be used for highway driving. Epic – and a bit scary…


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