1974 BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile Is Green, Mean And A Lovely Thing To Own

If you are a BMW diehard with some spare cash in your bank account, this is your chance to purchase one of Munich’s most iconic models.

What you’re looking at is a 1974 3.0 CSL “Batmobile”, and it’s one of just 57 Series 2 models ever produced. The car was based on the E9 coupe and modified for racing purposes. This particular model is painted in Taiga green and is one of just four with such a paint job.

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As the name of the 3.0 CSL implies, it left the factory with a 3.0-liter inline-six, but the current owner found out, when he acquired it four years ago, that it had been fitted with a larger, 3.5-liter engine. It has since been transformed with a 3.2-liter unit built by Terry Tinney Performance Motors using an original head and block built in December 1973. This engine is mated to a four-speed manual transmission that powers the rear wheels via a factory limited-slip differential.

The Bring A Trailer listing reveals that the current owner commissioned a comprehensive restoration on the car shortly after purchasing it, that included re-painting it in its original shade of Taiga Metallic. It also retains the original ‘Batmobile’ aero package that includes a front splitter, large rear wheels, and fins on the front wheel arches, while the odo shows 46,000 miles (74,000 km).

The car has claimed a first-place finish at the 2015 Legends of the Autobahn and third-in-class at the 2019 San Marino Motor Classic. At the time of writing, it had attracted a highest bid of $120,000, with three days left until the auction wraps up.

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