2019 Ford Focus ST: Is The New Hot Hatch As Good As The Specs Suggest?

The new Ford Focus ST enters the hot-hatch arena having to face some pretty stiff competition in the form of cars like the Hyundai i30N and the Renault Megane RS.

Carwow had the chance to drive the new Ford Focus ST in a media drive in south France, giving us their first driving impressions. The fourth generation of the Focus ST comes armed with some pretty impressive technologies, aiming to help it outperform the competition.

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These include Ford’s first electronic limited-slip differential, the new continuously controlled dampers, a flat-shift capability and even a version of the anti-lag system used in the Ford GT supercar. Ford goes as far as saying that the new Focus ST can lap the Nurburgring faster than the previous AWD Focus RS.

The familiar turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine has also been updated, with the power output rated at 276hp (280PS) and 310lb-ft (420Nm) of torque. With the kind help of a launch control, the new Focus ST can hit 62mph (100km/h) from a standstill in 5.7 seconds before achieving a 155mph (250km/h) top speed.

Ford has also added driving modes into the mix, which range from Slippery/Wet to Normal and Sport, as well as a Track mode. The latter apparently has a rather noticeable effect on how the new Focus ST drives, since the dampers deliver up to twice the vertical load resistance of the Sport mode.

To top it all off, Ford has given the 2019 Focus ST a very fast steering rack to make it more agile on a winding road. So it’s obvious that all the right ingredients for a great hot hatch are present, but now it’s time to find out if the end result is as fun as it sounds.



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