2020 C8 Corvette Allows Drivers To Adjust Brake Feel In Three Different Modes

The starting price and mid-engined layout of the 2020 Corvette Stingray are undoubtedly the biggest talking points about Chevrolet’s new supercar. However, the new ‘Vette also comes outfitted with an advanced braking system which you won’t find in many other production cars.

GM has fitted the new Corvette with a brake-by-wire system. Which, in itself, isn’t all that innovative. What the use of this system has allowed engineers to do, however, is combine the braking master cylinder, vacuum booster, vacuum pump, and electronic brake control module into one single unit. Perhaps even more importantly, a brake-by-wire system has also allowed them to tune the braking.

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Press material reveals that drivers will be able to adjust brake feel in three distinct modes labelled Tour, Sport and Track. Chevrolet says the first of these modes will provide a comfortable brake feel for everyday driving, while Sport will give a more immediate and aggressive feel. In Track, it will be smooth and aggressive feel at the limit to allow drivers to expertly trail-brake during hard driving.

BMW recently announced that the M8 will also feature advanced brakes that provide different feedback when the car’s mode selector is changed. Both the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio also feature similar systems.

On other ‘Vette-related issues, as you may have already read, Chevrolet has pumped the brakes on any talk of a manual transmission being offered in the C8. This might not go down that well with some potential customers, but it’s good to know that the company is still looking for other ways to provide its customers with exceptional performance for their buck.

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