2020 Toyota Supra Crashes At The Nurburgring, Loses Its Nose

The Nurburgring has claimed the integrity of yet another vehicle, a new Toyota Supra that crashed at the German track yesterday, during the Industry Pool.

The car hit the guardrail head first, which left a good chunk of its front end missing, as the images posted on Facebook by TopNurburgringVideos reveal. The impact was severe enough to trigger the airbags and seems to have left the Supra immobilized.

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It’s impossible to tell from this angle whether it has sustained other damages, but it does need a thorough inspection before deciding whether it’s worth salvaging. We don’t know the circumstances that led to this outcome, although if we had had to guess, we’d bet on either speed, losing grip or a driver error – or all of the above.

This appears to be the second recorded incident involving the all-new Supra. The first took place last summer, before the car was officially unveiled, and saw a prototype hitting a guardrail. Our spy photographers were present at the scene and took a few pictures of the aftermath, which you can see here.

Due to the extensive damages suffered, the test car had to be towed away. Luckily, nobody was injured and, unlike the car, the driver escaped without a scratch.


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