2020 Toyota Supra Looks Much Better On New Wheels, Lowered Suspension

Customer deliveries of the 2020 Toyota Supra only recently commenced in the U.S. and already, one example has been outfitted with a set of custom wheels and new suspension thanks to Titan Motorsports in Orlando, Florida.

Some have criticized the exterior styling of the all-new Supra in the months since its global unveiling, claiming that it doesn’t evoke its much-loved predecessor and lacks the supercar vibes of the original FT-1 Concept. However, we think most would agree that with these aftermarket wheels from Vossen, it is certainly eye-catching.

The addition of a vnew suspension from KW (likely custom springs or coilovers – details haven’t been disclosed) also reduce the sports car’s ride height and enhances its sporty look.

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One of the key reasons why the Mk4-generation Supra generated such a cult following was how popular it proved to be in the aftermarket scene. For years, it was the go-to car for tuning companies looking to extract huge amounts of power from a standard engine block, as the famed 2JZ is known to handle at least 1,000 HP before turning into exotic solutions.

By comparison, the new Supra features a BMW-sourced, 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, and while this engine doesn’t come from the Toyota stable, it is also popular throughout the tuning community.

Toyota is so eager to ensure the aftermarket world jumps behind the new Supra that it even developed specific parts to help companies easily extract more grunt from the sports car. At this year’s SEMA Show, we wouldn’t be surprised to see dozens of modified GR Supras on display, many of which are bound to have more comprehensive modifications than this particular example. So maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be too harsh on it after all.

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