2021 BMW iNext Electric SUV Shows Off Unique Interior Layout

Last time we saw BMW testing the 2021 iNext electric SUV was close to the Arctic Circle, but this time we get to see the camouflaged test car in a more urban environment and peek inside for a quick look.

It’s obvious that the dashboard in this particular car is far from complete, but the layout appears to be new and totally bespoke, contrary the interior of the i4 that appears similar to that of a 3-Series.

The dashboard’s lower lines create a more airy feeling in the cabin, reminding us of the interior in the i3, while the traditional-for-BMW high center console remains, along with a gear lever, despite the fact that this is an electric vehicle and there are no actual gears.

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Of course there’s always the possibility that BMW just cobbled together a temporary interior for testing purposes. After all, we’re still two years away from seeing the actual production version, so we can’t be 100 percent sure about if it’ll look like this.

The 2021 iNext is expected to ride on the BMW’s radical new architecture that’s compatible with both ICE and EV models. The iNext is expected to feature a rear-mounted electric powertrain, with the battery pack mounted on the floor between the two axles for a lower center of gravity and better weight distribution.

BMW has officially promised that, when the iNext arrives on the market, it will offer more than 600 km (373 miles) of driving range, Level 3 automated driving technology and cutting-edge connectivity features. Straight-line performance is also expected to be quite strong, with the iNext concept promising a 0-62mph (100km/h) in around 4 seconds.

Finally, the iNext will also serve as a development mule for the company’s fully autonomous Level 4 and Level 5 technologies, starting from 2021 onwards.

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