A Dacia/Renault Sandero That Looks Good? Color Us Intrigued

The Dacia Sandero, also sold as a Renault in some markets, is not what you’d call a particularly appealing car to look at. However, that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t hope that future Sanderos will actually look good.

To show how the Sandero could be made into a vehicle which people actually lust after, designer Luiz Dias has dreamt up this, the Renault Sandero Stepway for the year 2025.

The Sandero Stepway is the slightly lifted and more-rugged version of the subcompact and rendered for 2025, takes on the shape of a crossover rather than a hatchback with some tweaked body panels. No matter which angle you look at the vehicle, it looks much better than not only any Sandero to come before it but also most other Dacia and Renault models.

Dominating the front end are a pair of lobster-claw LED headlights which are seamlessly connected to a glowing Renault badge in the center of the fascia. Another particularly interesting aspect of the vehicle’s design is an LED strip which runs around both the front and rear wheel arches. In terms of wheels, we have a set of shoes with silver and black elements.

As impressive as the front of the car is, we think the rear looks even better. There’s a sharp spoiler extending off the roof and lobster-claw LED taillights connected by a light bar. The vehicle also includes an F1-car inspired central light incorporated into the rear bumper.

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