A Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk In 1989 Would Have Rocked The SUV World

The world’s current fascination with high-performance SUVs might seem like a, relatively recent, novelty, but they are multiplying and, for the foreseeable future, are definitely here to stay.

Of course, in the past the words “performance” and “SUV” would normally never be used in the same sentence, unless it was a wild creation by some tuner. But what if automakers had given birth to them earlier?

These renderings from Abimelec Design depict a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk which of course, never existed. Like a series of recent renderings from the designer showing a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Hellcat, these images show what a Trackhawk could have looked like 30 years ago based on the Cherokee of that time frame.

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In a fake advertisement rendered for the car, it is described as the “4×4 of the year” and a “super-car shaming American Legend” available “for only $39,999.” The advertisement also mentions that the imaginary Cherokee Trackhawk is powered by a 360 cubic-inch engine and is capable of a brisk 13.5-second quarter mile.

As the design traits of the current Grand Cherokee Trackhawk wouldn’t translate all that well into an SUV from the 1980s, Abimelec Design was forced to think up unique exterior parts which would be fitting of the moniker and the performance it implies. Among the most obvious modifications made include a revised rear fascia with a large lower lip spoiler. The SUV has also been lowered and on the sides features retro Trackhawk graphics finished in yellow – plus, the classic wheels are a nice touch.

Not too long ago, we came across a 1984 Grand Wagoneer with a Corvette LS1 V8 engine. Perhaps one day, someone with the spare cash will install a Hellcat engine into a 1989 Cherokee to turn Abimelec Design’s creation into a reality.

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