Accident Leads To Car Chase, Ends With Road Rage In Florida

While we hate to see hit-and-run drivers getting away with it, all the cammer needed to do in this case was present the culprit’s license plate to the authorities, meaning the road rage episode was totally unnecessary.

The incident took place back in January of this year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was caught on camera from multiple angles, giving us a surprisingly thorough view over what happened. In a nutshell, the whole thing was ridiculous, not to mention dangerous.

According to the driver of the dashcam vehicle, the person responsible for the initial crash had no driver’s license, no insurance and a stolen tag. She added that when she got out to talk to her, the other driver “tried to run and I ended up on the hood of her car. I jumped back into my badly damaged car and caught her for the police.”

If that’s not vigilante justice, we don’t know what is. The problem is that running people off the road intentionally is against the law. We sort of get the first part of the chase, as it was important for the culprit’s license plate to be visible on camera (it wasn’t during the initial hit). However, everything that came after that was full-on road rage.

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The chase ends with the two cars coming together in traffic before ending up in a small parking lot. That’s when the “vigilante” lunges at the other woman in an attempt to take her keys so that she can’t drive off again.

In the end, while we certainly hope that the hit-and-run driver gets what she deserves, it’s clear that the cammer definitely went too far in her quest for justice.


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