Alleged Drunk Driver Slams Head-On Into Police Car In Ohio

A video shared on Twitter shows an alleged drunk driver slamming head-on into a police cruiser in Ohio earlier this month.

The dashcam footage was captured by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and shows a motorist approaching the police cruiser from the other direction. As the car gets closer, it slowly merges into oncoming traffic, right in front of the police cruiser.

The police immediately flick on their red and blue flashing lights knowing that they have just caught a driver on the wrong side of the road red-handed. However, not even the presence of flashing lights caused the motorist to stop and instead, he kept on driving and eventually drove straight into the front of the police car, visibly throwing him forward in his seat.

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The driver appears to take a set of headphones out of his ears and then sticks his head out of the window, seemingly to talk to the police officer. The clip ends there, but we don’t suppose the officers were particularly impressed with his antics…

ABC 7 News reports that no one was injured in the crash and that the man was arrested and is now facing DUI charges.

There are times when traffic incidents can be disputed, but when there is such clear dashcam footage like this, there’s absolutely no chance the man will get away without some form of punishment. In addition to likely being fined for driving under the influence, he will have to foot the bill for the damages to the police cruiser – and a ban is very likely too.

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