Alvis Resurrected After Long Slumber, Blends Heritage With Modern Technology

Not many outside the UK know Alvis, but the carmaker that used to operate between 1919 and 1968 is making a comeback, and it is happening just in time to celebrate its centenary.

The company founded in Coventry is determined to write a new chapter in its history book with the extended range of Continuation Cars. They will offer two chassis and six body derivatives, which will be produced according to the original drawings.

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The offerings will include the Park Ward Drop Head, Graber Super Coupe, Graber Super Cabriolet, Vanden Plas Tourer, Bertelli Coupe and Lancefield Concealed Hood. Depending on the model, customers can choose between a 3.0- and a 4.3-liter inline-six, made using the original plans but modernized to include electronic management and fuel injection.

More importantly, Alvis will use some key components in the assembly process, such as chassis and other parts, that have been stored for over 50 years in the original crates. Each car is hand-built at the company’s Kenilworth headquarters in a process that takes 4,000 to 5,000 hours.

“Our models are, literally, what Alvis would have created had it not halted production for over 50 years”, said owner Alan Stote. “The factory had planned to build 150 4.3-liter chassis in 1938. As the site suffered serious damage by bombing in 1940, only 73 chassis were completed, so we will continue that series, with new chassis, built to the original drawings.”

The continuation cars meet the legislation in different markets, including Japan, where five vehicles have already been ordered by the original local distributor.

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