Angry Rhino Annihilates Keeper’s Car At Safari Park With Considerable Ease

A rhino has been filmed flipping over a small hatchback multiple times at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Germany.

DW reports that the 30-year-old rhinoceros named Kusini took offense to the camouflaged hatchback being driven by a zookeeper through the area where the rhino lives.

Footage filmed of the scene shows the huge rhino annihilating the hatchback. The huge animal is almost as large as the car itself and, inevitably, weighs much more. Thus, it is able to flip over the vehicle with incredible ease, destroying the roof and caving into the windshield. Heck, it doesn’t even appear to be trying as it pushes the hatch along the grass as if it was a football.

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According to the manager of the park, Fabrizio Sepe, the female zookeeper behind the wheel of the hatchback was able to escape with just a few bruises.

Sepe says Kusini has been living in the park for the past 18 months and was brought in for breeding purposes. It is unclear what caused the animal to snap, but it could have something to do with the fact it now lives in a German safari park rather than roaming the plains of Africa like it used to not that long ago.

Run-ins with wild animals in safari parks are rare but have happened in the past; 12 months ago, another video showing a rhino attack an SUV in Mexico emerged online.


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