Are Iron Man Teslas A Thing? It Kind Of Seems That Way

This is by no means the first time we have seen a car rocking some type of superhero-inspired color theme. Yet, it does seem a bit curious how some Tesla owners have decided to go with what appears to be an Iron Man tribute when it comes to their cars.

We gathered these images from multiple sub-reddits and there’s a decent enough chance we’re looking at different cars, even though their similarities are giving us cause to pause.

So unless the exact same Model X was photographed at different stages of its ongoing transformation into something resembling Tony Stark’s armor from a color standpoint, these are probably different cars.

Obvious differences include wheel color and blacked out exterior elements, including the door handles and the Tesla logo out front. Other than that, all of these fully electric SUVs boast white leather interiors.

We also found a Chrome Gold Model S, with red accents around the side windows, on the door handles, above the side skirts and on the front fascia. It’s not quite as Iron Man-ish as that Model X, but it’s not far off either.

Well, these are highly advanced products, by anyone’s standards, and you can easily make a case for them looking and feeling more futuristic than most conventional automobiles, and as you know, Tony Stark doesn’t really roll in anything conventional, though he does have a penchant for NSXs and Audis instead of Teslas.

The appropriate thing now would be for a future owner of a Lucid Motors EV or a Rivian to give their ride a Thanos theme – it might bring a little more balance to the Universe.

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