Arnold Schwarzenegger Recruited To Help Sell Electric Cars

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants you to buy an electric vehicle and to help promote his EV push, has partnered with ElectricForAll and released the following video on YouTube.

The ad stars the movie star and former governor of California as Howard Kleiner, a car salesman. His disguise is far from convincing and he approaches those looking to buy electric cars and suggests that they should opt for a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle instead.

He approaches one couple looking at a new Nissan Leaf and appears to be immediately recognized by the male shopper. He, and his female partner, say they want an electric car but Schwarzenegger isn’t sold on the idea. He leaves for a few minutes before returning with a Hummer, revving its engine and spewing pollution into the air. The shoppers aren’t impressed.

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“I think this will piss of my neighbors,” the man says. “You’re god damn right it will impress your neighbors!” Schwarzenegger hilariously responds back.

Another shopper is approached by the actor while checking out a BMW i3 and Arnold offers him a complimentary bumper sticker for any vehicle he purchases. One of them reads “I support the Oil Company Monopoly.” Again, the buyer looks rather disgusted.

One particularly funny moment of the video comes as Schwarzenegger suggests ICE-powered are the solution to overpopulation. His logic? “Gasoline cars create pollution and it curbs population. It brings it down.”

All in all, it’s a pretty fun way to promote EVs by highlighting some of the downsides of gas guzzlers. We still love them, though.


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