Aston Martin To Cap DBX Production At 5,000 Units Per Year

Aston Martin will cap production of its upcoming DBX crossover to 5000 units annually to make sure the vehicle remains desirable.

The introduction of the British car manufacturer’s will drastically increase its production and sales figures but Aston Martin is looking to ensure that demand for the vehicle will outstrip supply.

“I purposefully restrained production to 5000 units – for exactly that reason. There’s always a tendency when you’ve got an order book to turn everything up,” Palmer told Car Sales. “And when you do that, you start making mistakes in my experience. The plant is capable of 5000 units on a single shift basis and we’ll build to that. No more.”

The Aston Martin DBX is set to attract new customers to the brand but according to Palmer, the company is also seeing strong demand from existing owners looking to purchase the carmaker’s luxurious and sporty SUV.

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“It helps that 72 per cent of our existing customers already have an SUV in the garage, so getting to our existing customers who are already in love with Aston is not a bad starting place,” Palmer said.

Once the DBX hits the market, Aston Martin will put the final touches to its new Lagonda model and put it into production alongside the DBX. No more than 7000 examples of these two vehicles will be manufactured each year and combined with the company’s current GT models and forthcoming supercars and hypercars, it won’t build any more than 14,000 vehicles annually.

According to Palmer, building more vehicles than that risks degrading the company’s premium status.

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