Audi A1 Driver Behaves Erratically, Hits Semi Before Ruining Cammer’s Day

While the cause of this accident isn’t disclosed within the video description, we can only assume that it was driver error at its “finest”, with the person driving that first-gen Audi A1 either asleep or simply unaware of what they were doing for various other reasons.

Thankfully, the crash didn’t result in any major injuries – only a few cuts and bruises. Still, both cars were apparently written off; and you don’t have to be an insurance expert to understand that, especially for the Audi.

As for the dashcam vehicle, its owner posted an image of the aftermath, which you can view here, and as you can see, the car that ended up bumping into the Audi is a Peugeot 5008 that suffered what appears to be minor front end damage.

Sure, the airbags probably went off, but replacing them and fixing the front fascia wouldn’t be cheap, so there it goes, too. In any case, it’s the Audi driver that deserves the scrutiny here.

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If you go back to the beginning of the clip, you’ll see the A1 weave in and out of the fast lane multiple times without signaling, indicating that its driver wasn’t adhering to traffic law rules. Then, around the 44-second mark, the small German hatchback begins to drift towards the first lane as it approaches a semi truck and the rest, as they say, is history – plus two write-offs.


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