Audi Q8 Driver Failed To Keep Her Eyes On The Road And Hands Upon The Wheel

Getting into this type of easily avoidable accident is frustrating, especially if you’re behind the wheel of a very expensive car and you presumably want to keep it damage-free.

Watching the dashcam video makes you wonder why the driver is leaning over so much towards the passenger seat. It surely has nothing to do with the infotainment system or her phone, right? If we had to guess, we’d say she’s trying to reach for the glove compartment, or perhaps trying to pick something up that fell in front of the passenger seat.

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In any case, it’s not the type of endeavor you want to take on while behind the wheel. Or at least make sure that your car is not in gear when you begin taking your eyes off the road. Here, however, not only was the car in gear, but it appears the driver’s foot came off the brake pedal too.

This incident took place in Russia, where the Audi Q8 can be purchased for a minimum of 5,199,000 rubles, the equivalent of $81,208, so it’s definitely not cheap. In the U.S., the entry-level price is a little more manageable at $67,400 for the 55 TFSI model. Still one pricey ride; better make sure that you pay attention at all times, then.


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