Audi R8 Owner Finds Graffiti Mocking His Manhood Inside Bumper After Clash With Dealer

A British motorist who had several arguments with his dealer over damages on his Audi R8, was in for a surprise when he took the bumpers off his car.

What the owner of the German supercar, Dan Barnett, found was a series of insulting messages written inside, mocking his manhood. Some 18 months earlier, Barnett, 42, had returned his R8 to the Audi dealer three times, claiming that they damaged a bumper and the interior.

The Audi R8 owner removed the bumper to do some DIY repairs, only to find rude messages hiding underneath, according to The Sun. One of them read: “If only my penis was as penis shaped as my car.” Another one said: “I love c*** and my one is tiny I drive R8”, while two more read “I am a d**k” and “I have a tiny d**k that is why I drive fast.”

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Barnett reported Sytner Audi of Reading, Berks, to the police, accusing them of criminal damage. “At first I laughed because it is quite funny”, he said. “But that soon turned to anger that they could do this. This isn’t a cheap runaround. They damaged the car and thought they’d get away with it.”

When Barnett went to pick up his Audi R8 from the dealer, he found the paintwork on the rear bumper damaged, as well as an alloy wheel and the dashboard scratched. He returned the car three times back to the dealer before the respray met his requirements.

Barnett added: “I can’t believe this is how they treat customers.” As far as the dealer, Sytner Audi said: “We apologise for any upset. An investigation is ongoing.”

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