Audi Won’t Build An RS SQ2, But MTM’s 473 HP Offering Fits That Role To A T

With 296 HP (300 PS), the Audi SQ2 is more than powerful enough for a sporty subcompact SUV, and it certainly looks the part too. MTM, however, has tuned Ingolstadt’s smallest crossover into something much more extraordinary.

By modifying the internals and remapping the software of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-banger, the German tuner has lifted the output to an amazing 480 PS (473 hp / 353 kW) in their Stage 4 offering, which costs €14,999 ($16,802) in Germany – or as much as a new Volkswagen Polo.

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As wild as it might be, MTM acknowledges that not all customers would be willing to spend that much, or get that kind of power, on the small SUV. Thus, it also offers Stages 3, 2 and 1, with 433 PS (427 hp / 319 kW), 381 PS (376 hp / 280 kW) and 360 PS (355 hp / 265 kW), which will set you back €8,499 ($9,521), €4,499 ($5,040) and €1,490 ($1,669), respectively; and you still get an extremely powerful engine wrapped in a very small package.

The tuner has gone as far as offering carbon ceramic brakes as an option, for €6,999 ($7,840). Other mods include lowering spring, a remote-controlled auxiliary heater (€2,491 / $2,790) and different wheel sets of rims in 18, 19 and 20 inches, with different patterns and, if required, spacers, priced from €1,199 ($1,343) to €2,286 ($2,561).

Finally, there’s an array of other options, such as chrome, glossy black and matte black emblems, exterior and interior stickers, key rings, key chains and more, if you want the world to know that your SQ2 is a different beast to the stock item. Discreet they are probably not, but you pays your money…

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