Audi’s AI:Trail Quattro Concept Is An Electric Off-Roader Headed To Frankfurt

Audi has released the first teaser image of the AI:Trail quattro concept, ahead of its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

Billed as an “electrically driven off-roader of the future,” the AI:Trail quattro is the fourth and final concept in a “quartet of visionary automobiles” which started with the AIcon concept in 2017.

The company didn’t say much about the model, but the teaser image shows it’s an aggressive off-roader with a rakish windscreen, a relatively flat roof and an angular rear pillar. We can also see a distinctive greenhouse which rises straight up, before angling in towards the roof.

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Other notable highlights include minimalist fender flares, a prominent spoiler and what appears to be suicide rear doors. We can also see plenty of ground clearance and six-spoke wheels wrapped in meaty off-road tires.

There’s no word on performance specifications, but the company confirmed the concept is an electric vehicle with quattro all-wheel drive. As a result, the crossover should be equipped with at least two electric motors.

Like the AIcon and AI:ME, the AI:Trail is likely equipped with an advanced autonomous driving system. In the case of the AI:ME, the concept had a Level 4 system which enabled the car to drive itself on the highway and in specially equipped urban areas. The AIcon, on the other hand, was a fully autonomous vehicle which lacked a steering wheel and pedals.

The AI:Trail doesn’t appear that advanced as the teaser image seems to show a steering wheel. However, it’s possible the model has some sort of semi-autonomous off-road driving mode.

That remains unconfirmed, but we’ll learn more when the concept is officially unveiled on September 10th.

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