Audi’s New Lighting Tech Can Show Warnings To Other Drivers

Audi was one of the pioneers of LED and laser light technology, and the company isn’t slowing down as they’ve announced plans to introduce their new Digital OLED technology at next month’s International Symposium on Automotive Lighting.

Billed an as evolution of their OLED lights, that originally debuted on the TT RS in 2016, Digital OLED technology allows for customizable lighting designs. This is made possible by “dividing the OLED light sources into a much greater number of individually energized segments.” For comparison, Audi’s current OLED lights only consist of up to four different segments.

The new lights can consist of more than 50 segments which can be activated as needed and adjusted for brightness. As a result, Audi says designers can “produce a wide variety of lighting designs with the same hardware.”

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Audi didn’t say too much about their plans for the lights, but noted Digital OLED technology gives them the freedom to display messages to other cars through the taillights. As an example, the company said they could use symbols to warn other drivers about upcoming hazards such as black ice or a traffic jam.

This information could be sent to the vehicle using Car-to-X technology and then communicated to other road users via the taillights. It’s an interesting idea and Audi showcased several possible warning symbols including angled and horizontal lines as well as triangle-shaped warning sign.

Besides the ability to communicate with other road users, Audi said Digital OLED lights are efficient and their lighting element is just one millimeter (0.04 in) thick. Overall, the company says they’re the “perfect technology for executing a highly precise and versatile form of customizable lighting design.”

Audi will reveal more information about the lights on September 23rd and its possible they could be used on the Q4 e-tron as Audi’s Marc Lichte has previously said the model will be offered with customizable head- and taillights.

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