Azzurro Dino Ferrari 488 Pista Reminds Us Of The IKEA Colors

While most current Ferrari models look good painted red, we do enjoy seeing customers opting to have their Prancing Horses painted in more eye-catching colors. Take this Ferrari 488 Pista, for example.

The color adorning this Ferrari is dubbed Azzurro Dino blue and was made famous by a prolific car collector in the Middle East who owns a fleet of Prancing Horses painted in this color, including a F40, LaFerrari, Enzo, and others. We’ve also seen some other examples painted this color, including a rare F12tdf.

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To ensure the car really stands out, the blue paint has been contrasted by expensive yellow racing stripes running down the center of the mid-engine supercar. Depending on the market, these racing stripes cost upwards of $13,000, so it’s understandable why a customer would want to make them stand out for that kind of money.

In addition to the blue and yellow covering most of the Italian supercar’s exterior, this example also includes gloss carbon fiber parts and silver wheels. We’re not sold on the color combination, however, as it somewhat reminds us of the colors used by IKEA, even though the shade of blue is a touch lighter on the Ferrari.

Fortunately, the car’s insane powertrain more than makes up for the controversial exterior. Sitting at the heart of the car is a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 engine pumping out 711 hp and 568 lb-ft (770 Nm) of torque. This allows the vehicle to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in a brisk 2.85 seconds, 124 mph (200 km/h) in 7.6 seconds, and a top speed exceeding 211 mph (340 km/h).

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