Bespoke McLaren Eyewear Can Set You Back Up To $2,000

McLaren’s Vision Collection holds multiple types of glasses, featuring titanium frames and the first ever use of five Leica Eyecare sun lens types.

Pricing for these frames starts at £254 ($323), yet can climb as high as £1,578 ($2,009) if you’re interested in something from the Bespoke range, which utilizes face-scanning and 3D-printed titanium frame technology to ensure a perfect, tailored fit.

McLaren worked with French optical specialist L’Amy Group in order to create this collection, which is comprised of Core, Premium and Bespoke ranges – available as sunglasses or with prescription lenses, for both men and women.

“Designers from McLaren Automotive and the L’Amy Group combined their expertise to create unique products that set new standards for elite eyewear. Using industry-first technologies such as 3D-printed titanium frames and Leica sun lenses, the McLaren Vision Collection epitomises the design innovation and pioneering technical excellence that is at the core of the McLaren brand’s DNA,” stated McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt.

Sunglasses from this collection are the first to use Leica Eyecare lenses, which are treated with AquaDura Vision anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to ensure exceptional clarity. As previously stated, there are five types of sun lenses, each customized for a specific environment: Driving, Skiing, Sailing, City Life, Playing Golf.

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The orange-tinted Golfing lenses focus on maximum contrast, while the Outdoor lenses feature a polarizing filter and mirror finish. The Urban lenses come with a neutral gradient tint, and the Yachting lenses boast a mirror finish, not unlike the Outdoor ones.

The £254 price tag is attached to the Core range, while the Premium collection is priced from £868 ($1,105), and has a 3D printed titanium construction despite costing less than the Bespoke range – the latter however is the only one that is tailor made to fit the wearer.

McLaren’s Vision Collection eyewear will be on display next month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, July 4-7.

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