Blown Tire Causes Terrifying Head-On Crash

A dashcam has caught a terrifying video showing the moment a semi hits a Kia Ceed head-on.

As you can see in the clip found by Redditors, three vehicles are traveling on a two lane road in Poland as they approach a curve. At the same time, a semi in traveling in opposite direction suffers a tire blowout at the seven second mark.

The blowout occurs at the worst possible time as the driver loses control of the semi and bushes up against another semi before hitting the Ceed head-on. The force of the impact was so great, that the semi effectively punted the Ceed into the car traveling behind it.

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The clip ends shortly thereafter, but the semi continued on its path and ended up in a ravine. The Ceed, on to other hand, flipped on its side and was wedged between the semi and a guard rail.

Surprisingly, no one was killed in the accident. Express-Miejski says the Ceed was driven by a 22-year old woman who was conscious when firefighters arrived on the scene. They apparently had to use hydraulic tools (ie: the Jaws of Life) to free her so she could be taken to the hospital.

Everyone else in the crash escaped relatively unharmed as the publication says the woman was the only person who required hospitalization.


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