BMW 7-Series Driver Gives Us Our Facepalm Moment Of The Day

You know that luxury 4-door saloon that at one point you probably spent some $100,000 on? As it turns out, that type of car is pretty darn good at stopping you from bumping into things, especially at low speed.

This embarrassing little incident took place in Luton, England, and the car in question is a pre-facelifted sixth-generation G11 7-Series, the one with the still regular-sized grille. Anyway, what you need to know about the G11 is that it’s packed full of clever tech.

When it was first introduced to the public back in 2015, this car was arguably the most technologically-advanced luxury sedan in the world. Heck, you could even use its Display Key to get it to park itself, as part of its Remote Control Parking system.

Buyers could also opt for the Driving Assistant Package, which added functions like Rear Collision Prevention in order to make sure nothing could sneak up on you from behind. Add to that the advanced camera system and you’re pretty much covered from all angles – we reckon it would actually take an “effort” in inattentiveness to crash this car at low speed, or any speed for that matter.

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So then what happened here? Well, the title of the video is probably correct. The driver was rushing to execute a tight maneuver and failed to notice that they were about to kiss that pole with the car’s rear bumper. What’s interesting is that we don’t hear any loud music coming from inside the German saloon, which at least could have explained why the driver didn’t hear the parking sensors throwing a fit.

Overall, we’d say that this is a very silly way to crash such an expensive car.


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