BMW And Microsoft Working On Smarter On-Board Voice Assistant

BMW, together with Microsoft, is looking to create an open-source platform that makes future conversations with the Bavarian automaker’s Intelligent Personal Assistant even more personalized, not to mention more natural-sounding and “multi-modal”.

The Microsoft Azure-powered BMW Open Mobility Cloud and the use of artificial intelligence tech are said to be constantly enhancing the personal assistant’s capabilities to interact with users.

“Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator built on Azure provides the necessary technological basis, leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud and AI capabilities such as Bot Framework and Cognitive Services.”

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BMW customers could for example make an appointment at their preferred BMW dealership, simply by talking with the personal assistant – a conversation that might start with a reminder that service is due, and finish with the system arranging the appointment. Users could also manage their personal e-mails and calendar appointments the same way while on the move.

BMW and Microsoft development teams in Munich and Seattle are working on multiple new solutions with the aim of creating an on-board assistant with cross-channel capabilities, able to hold a natural conversation with its users.

Right now, the most you can hope for in a modern-day BMW is to say something like “Hey BMW, I’m cold”, and have the Intelligent Personal Assistant adjust the temperature for you automatically. The good news is that the system’s capabilities will “constantly [be] expanded as part of regular updates,” so expect your future Bimmer to outsmart all of its predecessors.


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