BMW Could Develop Stand-Alone M Models

BMW M could start developing stand-alone models, much like Mercedes-AMG has been doing in recent years.

During the recent global launch of the BMW X3 M and X4 M, BMW M boss Markus Flasch told Car Sales it is possible that some future BMW M models won’t simply be modified versions of existing BMW models.

“We are investigating M variants that may also be stand-alone, that don’t have a predecessor,” he said. Quizzed if this meant bespoke models built from the ground-up, Flasch responded; “potentially” later adding that the company has already decided on a category for such a vehicle and is actually studying more than one bespoke M model.

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While Flasch failed to reveal which category stand-alone M models could compete in, he did say that the company would love to create a hypercar but said the brand doesn’t currently need such a vehicle.

“We would love to do it … but we are part of a big company and we only do things that make sense economically and are relevant for the brand. So far M is the strongest high-performance brand and we did not need a hypercar. So, from a brand perspective it is not needed, M is strong as it is,” he said. “Economically, hypercar projects are always difficult and so the pre-requisites to turn such a project into reality are obviously very difficult, but I would not rule it out.”

If BMW’s M division does bring bespoke models to the market, it will be following in the footsteps of Mercedes-AMG which has done just that in recent years with the launch of models like the AMG GT, AMG GT 4-Door, and the upcoming One hypercar.

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