BMW Doesn’t Use Turn Signal, Cuts Off Audi And Causes Crash

Driving in the rain on slippery roads presents a number of challenges to many motorists and certainly requires a little more care than when driving on dry roads. This dashcam footage shows how easily things can go wrong in wet conditions when drivers aren’t as careful as they should be.

The clip, filmed in Aventura, Florida, was filmed from the dashcam of a car stuck in the left-lane of a traffic jam on the road. A black BMW 3-Series can be seen in the right line when the driver suddenly decides to change into one of the center lanes but without putting on their turn signal or looking in their mirrors.

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As the 3-Series pulls out, a white Audi A5 Cabriolet comes into view and is forced to brake and swerve to avoid rear-ending the BMW. As the Audi swerves, it collects a white VW Passat, likely causing rather significant damage to both vehicles. The BMW can then be seen driving away from the scene.

It would be easy to place all the blame on the 3-Series for the crash but both the A5 and Passat played their own individual roles in the incident by traveling too fast past stopped traffic, something which is always risky no matter the weather conditions. A thread on Reddit includes comments from some suggesting the Audi driver should have avoided swerving in a bid to avoid the 3-Series and just tried to break in a straight line but inevitably, the driver was operating on instinct and only had a split second to decide what to do.


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