BMW Driver With Mustang Owner Syndrome Makes A Fool Of Himself

Unfortunately for Mustang drivers that actually go about their business in accordance with traffic regulations, whenever we see or hear about somebody crashing while leaving any type of car meet, we automatically think about Ford’s Pony car.

This has been going on for a while now, and last year, we even saw half a dozen Mustangs crash into each other while leaving a car meet in Dubai, arguably one of the biggest fails ever.

No shortage of copycats

We’ve also seen plenty of other nameplates suffer on behalf of drivers who decided to behave like children and put on “a show” for people checking out their rides.

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Aside from the aforementioned Camaro, we also know of Ferrari drivers, Infiniti drivers, Subaru drivers and of course BMW drivers suffering from good old fashioned “Mustang syndrome”, the latter case being demonstrated quite recently at a Cars’N Copters event.

The person behind the wheel of the grey BMW sedan (looks like a 335i, but we could be wrong) attempted to do a drift, mirroring what that black Mustang had done just moments before. Yet, as you can see, the driver of the Bimmer lost control as the car mounted the lane divider and spun.

You can tell how embarrassing of a moment this was simply by following the reaction of the people who caught it on camera. One person can be heard saying “I knew it was going to happen”, which just goes to show how little we expect from people trying to stand out while in traffic.


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