BMW E30 M3 With 550 HP F80-Gen Inline-Six Will Split Opinions

The E30-generation BMW M3 is a prized vehicle among the company’s faithful enthusiasts, yet this particular example featured on The Smoking Tire is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

As standard, the E30 M3 came with a four-cylinder displacing between 2.0-liters and 2.5-liters depending on the year and version. Not only are these engines loved, but the E30 M3 is also revered for its exceptional chassis and handling.

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Eager to have something much faster than the standard car, the owner of this M3 decided to fit it with the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six engine of the most recent, F80-gen M3. In stock form, it pumps out 425 HP, but this example has been pumped up 550 hp. For a car as old school and light as the E30 M3, that’s heaps.

While some diehard fans would cringe at the sight of an E30 with a modern engine, others might appreciate the way this owner went to into creating their ideal M3. Instead of simply fitting a 550 HP engine, they also performed a total restoration in which every nut and bold was replaced and the car taken down to its bare metal.

Various OEM body parts were sourced, including the headlights and taillights, and the interior also looks to be a work of art thanks to the red Nappa leather found throughout. Finally, this M3 also features extensive chassis reinforcements, bespoke subframes and a tubular suspension, as well as AP Racing brake calipers at the front and E46 brakes at the rear.


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