BMW M5 Touring Is For Petrolhead Soccer Dads Who Dislike Fast SUVs

The last M5 Touring BMW ever made was the E61, which stayed in production between 2005 and 2010. Like its four-door sibling, it came with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V10 making 500 HP (507 PS) coupled to a 7-speed SMG gearbox – and, in North America only, to a six-speed manual.

This example was originally destined for Germany, which means that it has the not-that-great semi-automatic transmission. That’s about the only drawback there is to it, as everything else is in perfect condition, including the Alpine White exterior and white Merino leather interior.

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The car is being offered for sale by Autoleitner in the Netherlands, where it arrived five years ago, and despite being made back in 2007, has only 52,525 km (32,638 miles) on the clock. The service history dates back to December 6, 2007, and the last stamp was put on February 22, 2016, when the odometer read 50,827 km (31,582 miles).

The Dutch dealer describes it as being in A1 condition. The paint is original, the 19-inch wheels have no damage whatsoever, and the interior hardly shows any traces of use. Also, it’s equipped with several optional extras, such as the M Driver’s package, a panoramic glass roof, Alcantara roof liner and electrically-operated boot.

So, what’s the price for this extremely desirable, pristine super estate? A steep €56,500 ($63,454) – or €5,400 ($6,055) more than a new M2 Competition in Germany. Both M cars, both RWD and both a joy to drive, but ultimately aimed at totally different customers. If you want a factory-fresh, nimble BMW M, the smaller one is the obvious choice; if, however, you need the space and practicality of a mid-size premium estate, the M5 Touring is the one for you.

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