BMW M8 Competition Pops Up Again, This Time In Red

Two new images of the upcoming BMW M8 Competition have leaked online from what appears to be an exclusive presentation of the vehicle.

We got our first glimpse of the pumped-up M8 in December 2018 when a number of images leaked online showing the car painted in a nice shade of matte blue. The photos looked legit and showed the vehicle wearing a Competition badge, indicating that it wasn’t the ‘regular’ M8 which will be unveiled at some stage this year.

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The following two photos from BMW Blog show a red example with the same exterior trimmings as the car pictured last year. As such, there is a carbon fiber splitter as well as carbon fiber accents in the upper portion of the front air intakes. The car’s grille is also blacked-out and it is sitting on a familiar set of black wheels. Other exterior modifications made to the Competition – not visible in these photos – will include a carbon fiber lip spoiler and a more aggressive rear diffuser.

While it may seem rather odd for images of the M8 Competition to have already surfaced online since the standard M8 has yet to be released, it is reported that sales of the two will commence at roughly the same time.

Powering both versions will be the twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 of the M5. BMW is expected to tweak this powertrain for use in the range-topping 8-Series models, and the base M8 may pump out as much as 630 hp while the Competition could have upwards of 650 hp.

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