BMW PHEV Models Will Automatically Transition To EV Mode Come 2020

BMW’s new ‘eDrive Zone’ function will use geo-fencing technology to recognize emissions-free zones in urban areas and automatically switch your plug-in hybrid model’s driving mode to fully electric.

The German automaker is hoping that eDrive Zone will give PHEVs the same type of access rights as with fully electric models, since they will behave in the same exact way when entering specific areas. All BMW plug-in hybrids will behave this way starting next year.

Earn BMW Points

Aside from the eDrive Zone function, BMW is also looking to further stimulate drivers through the BMW Points app, which encourages PHEV customers to “get the most out of their electric drive.” What this means is that the miles you cover while in EV mode will be rewarded with points, as will high-voltage battery charging.

By collecting a large enough number of points, participants can then gain access to rewards such as free charging volumes on Charge Now – more rewards will be made available in the future (Share Now, Park Now).

This system has already been trialed by 50 volunteer plug-in hybrid drivers in Rotterdam, over a period of three months last year.

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BMW is now on track to reach its goal of having 25 electrified models on the road by the year 2025, two years earlier, reports Autonews Europe. Also, more than half of these 25 models will be fully-electric.

“We are moving up a gear in the transformation toward sustainable mobility,” said BMW CEO Harald Krueger. “By 2021, we will have doubled our sales of electrified vehicles compared to 2019.”

Last year, the BMW Group sold a total of 142,617 electrified BMWs and Minis. By the end of this year, the automaker expects to reach an overall total of half a million electrified units sold.

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