BMW Says It Doesn’t See A Future For Its V12 Engine

BMW M chief executive Markus Flasch says it is unlikely that the German car manufacturer’s V12 will stick around for much longer.

During a wide-ranging interview with Autoblog, Flasch was asked if BMW’s twelve-cylinder engine has a future. “Beyond what we have, I don’t believe we will see a new twelve-cylinder model in the foreseeable future,” he responded.

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Back in April, the head of the powertrain division for the 7-Series, Michael Bayer said that BMW will retain its current V12 for the current 7-Series, meaning it’ll stick around until about 2023. Bayer added that there was a possibility the company could update the twin-turbo 6.0-liter powertrain to comply with new emissions after 2023 but said it would be “extremely difficult.” Flasch’s more recent statement indicates that once the current V12 has carried out its duties in the current 7-Series, it will be no more.

BMW’s twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 is featured in range-topping guise in the potent M760Li and this model is reportedly selling well in the Middle East and China. In fact, the German carmaker says it has been at capacity producing these engines ever since the M760Li was introduced, confirming that there is demand for such a powertrain.

This twelve cylinder unit can pump out 602 hp when uncorked, but new emissions rules means it must be fitted with revised particulate filters, reducing power to 577 hp. However, that is still a lot for a luxurious sedan and serves as the engine of choice for 7-Series buyers looking to make a statement.

Companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini are keeping their V12 engines around thanks to hybridization but it doesn’t appear as if BMW, sadly, will do the same.

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