Brazilian Authorities Crackdown On Shop Building Lamborghini And Ferrari Replicas

Authorities in Brazil have closed a shop in the city of Itajaí which was reportedly building Lamborghini and Ferrari replicas.

Motor 1 claims that an investigation into the business started two months ago after a complaint by a São Paulo law office representing Ferrari and Lamborghini was filed with authorities. It is believed that teams from the Italian car manufacturers uncovered the illegal operation in Brazil.

The Civil Police of Santa Catarina, Brazil discovered eight replicas at the facility. Additionally, the tools and molds used to build the counterfeit cars were found alongside trademarked badges and other components. A father and a son were arrested at the scene and interviewed before being released.

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Images of the workshop were shared online by Polícia Civil de Santa Catarina and show at least four replica Lamborghini Huracan models and an orange Gallardo LP560-4 replica. Additionally, a Ferrari F430 replica is visible as are seats sporting Lamborghini and Ferrari emblems and badges.

The father and son interviewed allegedly claim that the cars are legal prototypes but it is believed they will be charged with a crime against industrial property. Authorities are also said to be investigating those who placed orders on the replica Lamborghinis and Ferraris and if it can be determined that customers knew the vehicles were counterfeit, they could be charged for receiving counterfeit property.

There are likely dozens of companies around the world building replica models from Lamborghini and Ferrari. This police crackdown reveals that car manufacturers are routinely seeking out such companies and looking to have them closed.

Os carros, falsificações das marcas Ferrari e Lamborghini, eram montados por encomenda e tinham venda divulgada por meio de redes sociais.

Gepostet von Polícia Civil do Estado de Santa Catarina am Montag, 15. Juli 2019

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Images Polícia Civil de Santa Catarina

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