Brutal Crash On U.S. Highway Shows All Hell Breaking Loose

Even though we have seen our fair share of high-speed crashes throughout the years, some of them still come as a surprise, especially if we can’t see the exact moment in which things took a turn for the worse.

Take this incident for example. All we know is that it was captured on somebody’s dashcam earlier this week, and that it happened in the US, somewhere in the Los Angeles area – evident by the Nordhoff St, Roscoe Boulevard and Sherman Way signs spotted along the way.

Based on the footage, it would seem that the silver Hyundai crossover was hit by the F10 BMW 5-Series, which in turn was a victim of the car you see sliding past them while upside down. The BMW then skidded into a black minivan, which then hit a silver minivan, while the Hyundai spun and impacted the concrete barrier with its already-damaged rear end.

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Now, while it almost looks as though the sliding car was already onto its roof at the moment of the crash, it’s more than likely that it flipped over by making contact with the BMW’s left wheel arch – one of those classic cases of hitting someone else’s wheel with one of yours and being propelled upwards.

Since there’s no official report on this crash, we don’t know if there were any injuries. At least the driver of the Hyundai seemed alright, exiting the car on his own two feet.


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