Buick Encore Gets Hit By Semi, Enters The Matrix, And Spits Out A Pickup

If you were in need of a reminder of how dangerous driving can be, the following dashcam footage shows just how quickly things can turn from ordinary to downright scary. You could even be mistaken for thinking a glitch in the matrix caused this crash.

The video shows a red Buick Encore performing a right-hand turn but perhaps due to the driver’s lack of awareness, they failed to notice a semi-truck traveling in the lane which they were turning into.

The driver of the semi truck has no time to react and slams into the rear quarter of the Buick sending it into a spin and out of view from the dashcam. Moments later, a red vehicle can be seen flipping two times in front of the semi-truck before coming to a rest on its wheels further up the road.

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On first viewing, it appears as if the vehicle which flips down the road is the same Buick which crossed in front of the truck. It isn’t. Instead, the car you see rolling down the road is in fact a red pickup truck which was an innocent bystander in the whole incident.

Rewind the clip to just before the semi hits the Buick and you will notice that there is a red pickup truck traveling in the lane next to the truck. As the semi-truck hits the Buick, it sends the SUV into the lane occupied by the pickup. The Buick was then pushed in front of the pickup in such a way that the truck hit it and quickly barrelled out of control down the road.

It remains to be seen if anyone was injured in the crash.


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