Build Your Personalized Mercedes-Benz G-Class With G Manufaktur

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a timeless classic and thanks to the G manufaktur program, owners can create custom G-Wagons which stand out from the crowd.

The G manufaktur program allows buyers to individualize their G-Class models with over a million possible configurations available through the standard and G manufaktur-exclusive options.

Those looking to build their dream G-Class can head onto the vehicle’s official online configurator and play with the G manufaktur options. They include 23 bespoke shades of paint with prices ranging from roughly $2,500 up to almost $6,000 depending on the color. Customers can also opt for ‘Noble Black’ exterior accents to make the boxy off-roader stand out even further. The spare wheel cover can be painted in the same color as the bodywork with a gloss black wing around it.

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Much like the exterior, options for the interior are aplenty. In fact, there are no less than 64 G manufaktur seat upholstery combinations. This includes everything from a two-tone dark red and black leather steering wheel to seats bathed in black and bright green leather. Pretty much every combination you can think up can be ordered, as long as you have the money of course. Even a two-tone dashboard is available.

The G manufaktur options are available across the G-Class range, including the range-topping AMG G63.

Listing the prices of each and every option available through the program would take all day so we recommend clicking through the following link to create your dream G-Class.


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