Buy This 2016 Ford Focus RS And Get A… Free Vape?

A dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah, Prestman Auto, has a gloss black Ford Focus RS sitting on its lot and in attempt to drum up interest in the car, is offering it with a free vape pen. Yes, really.

The listing provides all the typical details about the Focus RS you’d expect to find from any used car on the market. Included in the opening image is the promise of a “vape with purchase.”

Intrigued by this, Jalopnik reached out to the dealership and received confirmation that the person who ends up purchasing the hot hatchback will indeed get a vape.

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“Yes, there is a vape included in the purchase of the RS. We have a vape store next to our dealership that the buyer can go to and pick out a vape,” the dealership stated. “We did that because most of the potential buyers for that car come with ‘vape in hand.’”

According to the ad, this black Focus RS has 34,576 miles (55,644 km) on the clock and appears to be in good condition. It comes with features including a Sony sound system, heated seats, heated steering wheel, Recaro leather seats, a reversing camera, navigation and will be sold with a 3-month, 3000-mile limited warranty.

Both the interior and exterior appear to be in good condition but we don’t think the interior of the hot hatchback has aged particularly well and is already starting to feel quite dated. However, we don’t imagine buyers will be too concerned with this, likely because they’ll only be looking at the cabin through plumes of smoke from their vape pens.

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