Cammer Brakes To Avoid Red-Light Runner, Promptly Gets Rear-Ended

There are few things worse than being involved in a crash that you’re not responsible for, but that’s exactly what happened recently to a motorist in the U.S.

It is unclear what state this incident took place in, but dashcam footage uploaded to YouTube and shared on Reddit shows how the poor decision of one driver can impact multiple others.

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The action begins at about the 1:25 mark, when the cammer is given a green light to make a left-hand turn through an intersection. However, the driver is forced to slam on the brakes in the middle of the intersection as what looks like a Chevrolet Malibu runs a red light and almost hits the cammer head-on.

Unfortunately for the cammer, he was rear-ended by another car. He then took to Reddit to see if it would be possible for anyone to try and decipher the license plate of the driver who ran the red light and indirectly caused the crash.

However, someone commented it doesn’t really matter if someone is able to get the plate of the person who ran the red light, as they wouldn’t be considered at fault by the insurance companies involved. Instead, it will likely be the driver who rear-ended the cammer that cops the blame for not leaving a safe distance to the vehicle in front.


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