Cardboard Police Cars Used In Turkey To Help Stop Speeders

Police often come up with ingenious ways to discourage drivers from breaking the law. Those images that have surfaced online show what authorities in Turkey came up in their effort to clamp down on dangerous driving.

What you’re looking at are large cut-outs of Turkish police cars which have been placed on the side of the road. From a distance, it may look like a real police car, but as these pictures show, it is in fact just for display purposes and even incorporates a small solar panel to run the flashing lights.

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A tweet from Radford Road Police in Nottinghamshire in the UK indicates that it was thinking of employing similar tactics on its roads and asked for feedback from its followers. However, commenters who have driven in Turkey say that while the fake police cars may work initially, local drivers soon become used to them, especially if they are left in the same place for a long time.

“It works initially. I’ve driven in Turkey a fair bit and when I first saw them, I was very cautious. From a distance they look the real deal. Think you would have to keep moving them though as people will wise up,” one Twitter used wrote.

“It’s a bit like the policeman sticker in the pound shop. They might work for a while until people get used to them,” another wrote.

Don’t know if this way of trying to dissuade people from breaking speed limits is very effective, but we have to admit that it is both cost-effective and, well, not a bad idea.

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