Caution! Semi Trailers Might Be Longer Than They Appear In The Mirror

Truck drivers often get a lot of flak from other road users, but the truth is that driving a truck is not easy. If that truck happens to be a huge semi, it is even more difficult to operate, particularly anywhere other than on wide highways.

However, we’re comfortable saying that this driver needs some more practice when it comes to parking such a massive vehicle. We probably couldn’t do any better but hey, we’re not truck drivers.

The following clip was recently shared on Reddit after first finding its way online back in 2016. Filmed at a parking lot filled with semis, it shows just how hard it can be to judge the length of a trailer when maneuvering.

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As the trucker comes into view, it’s clear that he’s in quite a bit of a rush. He starts to steer into a parking space beside another semi and gets the cab itself neatly into the spot. However, he clearly failed to correctly account for the length of his trailer – thus it slammed into the corner of the semi sitting next to it in the parking lot. At the 27-second mark of the video, you can even see the driver of the black semi briefly pull down the privacy shade of his truck after the impact to take a quick look at the damage. He was probably rather distraught at what he saw.

Shortly after the impact, the driver responsible can be seen emerging from his truck with his hands on his head. He then knocks on the door of the truck he just hit but doesn’t get a response.

We hope the trucker’s employer takes it easy on him. That was unfortunate, but no one was hurt and, after all, mistakes do happen.


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