Challenging A 1,700 HP Toyota Supra Is Never A Good Idea

The Mk4 Toyota Supra; in its day, it put far more expensive supercars on notice and now, it has become a hugely desirable collector’s car fetching silly amounts of money.

One of the key reasons why the Mk4 Supra proved to be so popular was how well received it was throughout the tuning community. Decades ago, companies were building Supras with well over 1,000 hp and in this particular video, we get to see a 1,700 hp Supra in action in a series of exciting but clearly-illegal drag races.

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We’re not sure of the full extent of the modifications this Supra has undergone but the video confirms it is running on nitrous and to get peak power up to 1,700 hp, it’s clearly undergone some serious engine work including the fitment of enlarged turbochargers and a new fuel system. The finished result is a car that makes racing a Nissan GT-R and Yamaha R1 look like child’s play.

The first half of the video shows the Supra racing a black GT-R on multiple occasions. While the GT-R is fast and has likely enjoyed some comprehensive modifications of its own, the Supra easily speeds past the Nissan as it comes on boost and sprints through to speeds approaching 300 km/h (186 mph). In the second half, we see the rider of a Yamaha R1 try to keep up with the GT-R but like the GT-R, he stood absolutely no chance and was quickly left behind.


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