Chelsea Truck Company Blurs The Lines Between Old And New Mercedes G-Wagen

Some may have a hard time telling the old and new Mercedes-Benz G-Class apart, on the outside at least. Those who can, however, know that the lighting units on both ends sport different patterns and that the AMG G63 adds a model-specific grille at the front with vertical slats.

By upgrading these parts and taking care of some other bits, Chelsea Truck Company has managed to thin the line between the two generations of the SUV. According to a social media post, which shows an older G-Wagen with the modern design details, the work is available for all versions of the vehicle from 1999 to 2017.

The post is accompanied by the ‘Yes or No’ question. And we would be tempted to say ‘Yes’. After all, there’s nothing wrong with injecting the old G-Class with some modern-looking parts – and, if the budget allows it, then the tuner can perform some other updates. When it comes to Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company, the sky is pretty much the limit. The can add new bumpers, wider fenders, a large selection of wheels and some items that will increase its off-road credentials.

Don’t worry about the fire power either, because the tuner is no stranger to engine swaps. They can also modernize the cabin, reupholstering pretty much every touchable surface, replacing the seats if that’s what the customer wants and adding a new infotainment system. Their projects are always head-turning, so we hope we’ll see a ‘facelifted’ G-Class on the road soon.


YES or NO?Facelift your old G to a 2019 model(Available for all G Wagons from 1999 to 2017 models)email

Gepostet von Chelsea Truck Company am Sonntag, 9. Juni 2019

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