Chevrolet Camaro To Be Phased Out After 2023?

Chevrolet killed the Camaro in 2002 and it appears history could repeat itself once again.

Citing “multiple sources within GM,” Muscle Cars & Trucks is reporting work on the seventh-generation Camaro has been suspended. As a result, they’re reporting the car will likely be dropped from the lineup.

Details are limited, but the publication says the Camaro won’t transition to the new version of the Alpha platform that underpins the Cadillac CT4 and CT5. That’s an ominous sign and so is the claim that the vehicle is “charted out” until 2023 and then just disappears.

2020 chevy camaro updated styling 3

Multiple publications have reached out to the company for comment, but they’ve all apparently been given the same response. It neither confirms nor denies the report, but says “We will remind you of our recently announced updates coming to the Camaro lineup this fall. An all-new LT1 model will provide customers V8 power with the design and affordability of our LT trim. The award-winning SS model will feature a new front fascia from the Camaro Shock concept. All of our updates are customer-driven to improve the car and its driving experience.”

While GM is playing coy, it’s no secret that Camaro sales have been pretty lackluster. Last year the company only sold 50,963 units in the United States which put the muscle car in a distant third place compared to the Dodge Challenger (66,716) and Ford Mustang (75,842).

The fate of the Camaro is still uncertain at this point, but last year the company apparently surveyed consumers about possible new powertrains including a turbocharged 2.7-liter four-cylinder and two hybridized options. That suggested the automaker was still committed to the Camaro, but things could have changed since then.

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If that’s the case, the Camaro could be the latest in a string of GM cars getting the axe in North America. Last fall, the automaker announced the death of several different models including the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6 and XTS as well as the Chevrolet Cruze, Impala and Volt.

2019 Camaro’s new LED taillamps with a more sculptured evoluti

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