Chevrolet Designer Says He Doesn’t Regret The Sixth-Gen Camaro’s Looks

Some people love the design of the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro while others absolutely hate it. No matter how you feel, the man who penned the vehicle’s design has no regrets about the design direction he took.

Muscle Cars and Trucks recently had the opportunity to sit down with the sixth-generation Camaro exterior design director, Tom Peters, who retired from General Motors earlier this year, and asked the designer if he had any regrets.

“Nope,” Peters responded. “We had the same team working on Camaro and C7… we wanted to add more sculpture, more flavor, and more unique shape to (the sixth-gen).”

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Controversy really hit the Chevrolet Camaro in early 2018 when the car manufacturer unveiled the facelifted model. The updated Camaro SS proved to be particularly disliked thanks in part to the relocation of its bowtie badge off the upper front grille and onto the center of the fascia. The internet didn’t hold back in its critique of the car’s new look and Chevrolet rushed to alter the design, premiering its Camaro SS Shock Concept just a few months later at last year’s SEMA Show. The 2020 Camaro facelift (pictured here) was introduced in May with the concept’s tweaked design.

While Chevrolet continues to update the Camaro, it might not stick around for all that long. In fact, a report from June claimed that work was recently suspended on the seventh-generation Camaro and that the car could soon be axed from the car manufacturer’s line-up.

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